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Bouncers and Slydos

1835 New Highway
Farmingdale, NY


Bouncers & Slydos
"the softest playground on earth"

Imagine a large room filled with balloons, but not your everyday blown-up balloon on a string type. These are in the shapes of over-sized trampolines, a jumbo obstacle course, ceiling-high slides, a giant soccer goal and other massive rides.


This is the norm at Bouncers and Slydos, a brand-new 11,000 square foot party palace in Farmingdale, where children of all ages can play, bounce, slide and have an amazing time in a climate-controlled atmosphere. It is indeed, as their slogan states, the softest playground on Earth.

According to Bouncers and Slydos owner Jeff Eisenberg, "We took extra time to plan things out and actually designed the building specifically for this kind of business,". The brand-new building, complete with fresh carpets and a modern heating/cooling system, is just one measure for the protection of children and adults who have parties there. They also clean and disinfect the rides on a regular basis to ensure bacteria-free conditions and have a cleanup crew in place between parties so cleanliness is guaranteed for all.

The safety aspect is also paramount. Every member of their watch-dog staff is CPR certified and each ride is equipped with an alarm system; if an inflatable loses air, staff and patrons would be alerted. Although it's a very uncommon occurrence, Eisenberg ensures there would be no danger even if one station is deflated. "It's just a precaution. Eventually it will be the standard by law for all inflatables to feature these devices, but we installed them now to be ahead of the game."

Another safety measure is not allowing outsiders into the arena when a party is in progress. "We have one party at a time, so when you book an event, the entire arena is yours".

Of course a party at Bouncers and Slydos is not just about the play arena. Every party package includes pizza, bottled water and juice served after playtime, with all paper goods and invitations supplied. Cakes, goody bags, a video service and other additions are available to make sure your child and friends have a memorable time. Parties are held after 3pm on regular weekdays and anytime during weekends and holidays. It is suggested to book well in advance to avoid disappointment.

Bouncers And Slydos also offers Toddler Time is available on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings for children 5 and under. Children have the enjoyment playing on the inflatables while they expand their socialization skills, learn color recognition and develop better gross motor dexterity.